Medical preparedness when SHTF: What you really need to know

No one really likes thinking of worst-case scenarios, but anything can happen at any given time. One of the greatest advantages you can have when SHTF is being knowledgeable about medicines and natural remedies in case of health emergencies. (h/t to

You might be thinking that SHTF moments mean gun wounds, war, bombings, and ceilings coming off the roof. While all these are possible, you also have to consider that chronic medical conditions can get triggered all of a sudden. For instance, one of your family members can have a heart attack at any moment. Knowing how to deal with the situation and how to treat it is important.

Moreover, it’s highly important for everyone in the family or group to know of any health condition of each member. This makes preparing a lot easier. (Read: Medical prepping: 5 ways to protect your health when SHTF.)

In the event of a medical emergency where there is a lack of healthcare assistance, there are three things you should be familiar with to be an effective helper:

  • Knowing how to make use of natural remedies and herbs.
  • Stocking up on necessary supplies.
  • Learning how to control the health condition through dietary changes.

Preparing your own emergency medical kit

When SHTF, whether you are able to stay in one place or you need to move to another area, having your own emergency medical kit is important. When emergencies arise, a matter of seconds can determine whether the patient will live or die. So make sure that everything is well-organized and is easily accessible.

The following are steps on how to build your own emergency medical kit:

  • Choose the right bag – It doesn’t matter what type of bag you want just as long as it can properly store all your supplies, is sturdy, and can be easily transported. It is vital that you meticulously think this through while also mentally visualizing exactly how you can organize the things inside the bag. Important factors you have to consider are size, shape, weight, and intention. Whatever bag you choose should serve its purpose correctly; otherwise, you might end up losing all the important supplies inside it.
  • Create a list – Before doing any packing, write down a list of all the things you need. This way, you won’t worry about forgetting anything important and you can double- or even triple-check everything.
  • Getting basic tools – Treating any medical problem would be tricky without proper tools. Some of the most important tools are medical tweezers, thermometer, Q-tips, shears or scissors, nail clippers, a scalpel, and a stethoscope. When the time comes that everything is out of control, getting a hold of these things will be very difficult. It is better to have them with you even before SHTF.
  • Stocking up on herbs and supplements – Assuming you already the know basics to herbal remedies and other natural alternatives to conventional medicine, you can start storing necessary plants or even food ingredients that can help you.

At the end of the day, no matter how sophisticated your emergency medical kit is, what’s more important is your presence of mind. This will help you a lot in keeping your calm and properly addressing the problem at hand.

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