Five websites you need to be checking daily for breaking news on health cures, survival gear and techno tyranny

Are you ready for the insanity and chaos that’s already escalating across society? We can all see it clearly now: The mass mental illness of the lunatic Left; the techno-tyranny of the technology giants; the rising cultural disagreements that threaten to tear apart the fabric of civil society.

To stay informed and fully prepared, there are five notable news websites that you need to monitor:

Herbs.newsCovers all the latest breaking medical research on herbal medicine and how it can treat serious degenerative disease. – A new site that covers the rise of robots, drones, artificial intelligence, cyber war and similar topics related to tech. – Covers all the latest survival gear, self-reliance wisdom and off-grid solutions for sustainable living. – Another new site, covers the censorship and tyranny of the tech giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. – 100% dedicated to the issue of open borders and why nations are being overrun with illegal foreign nationals who are destroying national sovereignty.

In addition to the five websites mentioned above, be sure to also check each day (or throughout the day). aggregates headlines in near-real time from 20+ independent media websites. Consider it a replacement for Google News, which has long de-platformed all sources of independent media.

Also, stay informed by watching news videos at

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